Why Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel Before Removing Your Tooth Tattoo?

If you have a permanent tooth tattoo that you want to get rid of, speak to your dentist. Although removing the tattoo from your tooth enamel is often considered impossible, a dentist can remove the tattoo with a grinding tool, as well as restore your tooth with a dental crown or veneer. But it may take time to do so if your tooth enamel is too weak and damaged from the tattoo. Read More 

4 Foods For Denture Wearers To Watch Out For

If you have just started wearing dentures, it can be difficult to transition back to your normal diet. While you will undoubtedly find it easier to consume yogurt, broth, boiled vegetables, and other soft foods in the first week or two after getting your dentures, you will soon be ready to begin experimenting with more solid foods. Here are some foods that you should eat carefully and in moderation no matter how long you have had your dentures. Read More