What You Need To Know Before You Get Veneers

It seems cosmetic dentistry has a solution to just about every dental problem. One of those solutions is dental veneers, which fix a myriad of cosmetic dental problems. If you are considering porcelain veneers to fix your smile, check out these facts you must know before you take a seat in the dentist's chair. They Can Give You a Straight, Full Smile While they don't physically move teeth like braces, porcelain veneers give the appearance of a straight smile. Read More 

Missing Tooth: Pros And Cons Of Dental Implants And Fixed Bridges

You're missing a tooth, but it's no big deal. Thanks to the great advances in cosmetic dentistry, you have many options to replace missing teeth other than dentures. Two of these options are dental implants and fixed bridges. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each to see which is right for you. Dental Implant Pro: Powerful Durability   Dental implants are the most durable option for missing teeth. The reason behind this is a process called osseointegration. Read More 

Reduce The Risk Of Cavities With Vegetables, Fruits And Water

Vegetables and fruits are praised for their heart-healthy properties, but they have benefits for more than just your heart. Fresh produce, along with water, help prevent cavities. Here's how eating your daily dose of greens and fruits, and drinking a few glasses of water, could help reduce your risk of developing cavities. Crunchy Vegetables Crunchy vegetables act like natural toothbrushes when you chew them. While eating veggies is no substitute for properly brushing and flossing your teeth, their crisp texture helps scrub away other bits of food. Read More 

Why Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel Before Removing Your Tooth Tattoo?

If you have a permanent tooth tattoo that you want to get rid of, speak to your dentist. Although removing the tattoo from your tooth enamel is often considered impossible, a dentist can remove the tattoo with a grinding tool, as well as restore your tooth with a dental crown or veneer. But it may take time to do so if your tooth enamel is too weak and damaged from the tattoo. Read More 

4 Foods For Denture Wearers To Watch Out For

If you have just started wearing dentures, it can be difficult to transition back to your normal diet. While you will undoubtedly find it easier to consume yogurt, broth, boiled vegetables, and other soft foods in the first week or two after getting your dentures, you will soon be ready to begin experimenting with more solid foods. Here are some foods that you should eat carefully and in moderation no matter how long you have had your dentures. Read More