The Process Of Getting Dentures

Are you ready to get dentures to replace your missing teeth? If so, you'll want to know what the process is like before you get started.

Initial Impressions 

The process starts by taking initial impressions of your teeth, which includes both the upper and lower jaw. This is necessary even if you are getting dentures for only the upper or lower half of your mouth since the dentist will want to get a complete picture of the shape of your mouth. It is common to return to the dentist to take additional impressions of your teeth at a later date, which includes taking a wax bite to learn how your teeth align when you are chewing.

Wax Mock-Up Test

Your dentist will have you return to the office to try using a wax mock-up of what your dentures will be like. The purpose of this visit is to make sure that the dentures are comfortable for you, that the dentures do not pinch, and that your bite is correct. You'll also need to verify that your rear teeth feel comfortable without pressure being put on them when you clench your jaw. You can then take a look in a mirror and verify that you are happy with the size of the fake teeth used for your dentures. 

Denture Fitting 

Your next visit will involve trying out an initial version of the dentures before it is finalized. You'll actually get to try taking the dentures in and out of your mouth to ensure that they fit properly and feel comfortable. Once again, you'll be asked questions about how it feels to wear the dentures and if any more adjustments need to be made. Since this version of your dentures is not made out of wax, it will likely feel different than the previous wax dentures that you tested. 

If adjustments need to be made, you'll need to come back to the dentist one more time for a final fitting. The dentist wants to make sure that everything fits well and avoid another trip back to the dentist to make changes. 

Care Instructions

The last part of the denture treatment involves receiving care instructions for how to make sure that the dentures last a long time. This includes learning about when to take out your dentures and how to clean them. You will even learn about how to use denture adhesives, which can help the upper dentures stick to the roof of your mouth.