What Happens At A Denture Clinic?

If you've lost teeth due to decay or an accident, you know how difficult it can be to chew without all of your teeth. Even smiling can become difficult if you're self-conscious about the gap in your smile. Dentures offer a non-invasive solution that can help you regain your confidence and your ability to eat all the foods you enjoy. A denture clinic will be able to help you through every part of the process of getting new dentures. Read More 

4 Things You Should Know About Getting Your Teen Braces

Most teenagers get braces at some point. Braces are a standard orthodontic treatment that can correct tooth and jaw alignment concerns. However, you may have some questions about what your child's orthodontic treatment will entail. Here are four things you should know about getting your teen braces: 1. Starting younger is often better. Many parents are concerned about damaging their child's teeth by getting them braces too early. However, this doesn't need to be a concern. Read More 

Need Dentures? Don’t Waste Your Money On An Online Solution

If you are concerned about the deteriorating look of your teeth and believe that partial or full dentures would suit you, you might decide to do some research online. One thing that you'll often encounter is a product that might be called "instant dentures" or something similar. These products are inexpensive and sold on a variety of websites and essentially consist of fake teeth that you can slip into your mouth and wear essentially like a mouthguard. Read More 

Why It’s A Good Idea To See A Dentist Before Getting A Mouth Piercing

It's a big decision to decide to get a lip, tongue, or other piercing located somewhere in or on your mouth. Whether you've made up your mind or not about getting a new piercing, it's a good idea to stop by your dentist's office before you get pierced. Here are three ways a dentist can help improve your piercing and post-piercing healing experience. Underlying Disease As you probably know, the mouth contains a great deal of bacteria. Read More 

How To Keep Your Mouth Guard Clean And Why It Matters To Your Health

If you wear a mouth guard due to participation in a contact sport or other activity, then you should take the time and effort to properly care for it. Poorly-cleaned and non-maintained mouth guards can make you sick. Below is what you should understand about the importance of keeping your mouth guard clean and a few best practices that you should follow to protect your health. Talk with a dentist if you have specific questions about keeping your mouth (and mouth guard) clean. Read More