Need Dentures? Don’t Waste Your Money On An Online Solution

If you are concerned about the deteriorating look of your teeth and believe that partial or full dentures would suit you, you might decide to do some research online. One thing that you'll often encounter is a product that might be called "instant dentures" or something similar. These products are inexpensive and sold on a variety of websites and essentially consist of fake teeth that you can slip into your mouth and wear essentially like a mouthguard. Online images and the low cost may make this product appealing, but you should save your money. Here's why.

They Don't Look Realistic

The images that you see online can trick you into thinking that instant dentures give you a realistic smile. The reality is that you're likely to be unsatisfied with how this product looks in your mouth. When you wear the instant dentures, it may be immediately apparent to everyone that your teeth are not real. The last thing that you want is to believe that you're making an investment in upgrading your appearance only to realize that such a product definitely isn't going to give you the look that you're going for. When it comes to realistic dentures, speaking to your dentist or a denturist is always your best solution.

They Aren't Necessarily Healthy

When you need partial or full dentures, you may have dental issues that require the attention of a professional. For example, you might be dealing with tooth loss or tooth decay, neither of which is a problem that you can ignore. Putting instant dentures over your existing teeth may change their appearance, but it doesn't address the underlying issues with your teeth. You may still experience bad breath, bleeding, and a host of other problems that your dentist needs to fix.

They Aren't Comfortable

When you get real dentures, they're specifically built to fit your mouth after your mouth is carefully measured. Instant dentures are essentially a one-size-fits-all solution, meaning that there's a high probability that you won't find them to be comfortable. It may be difficult to talk with them, and eating is likely to be nearly impossible, too. You may also worry about them coming out while you talk or dramatically changing the sound of your voice. You should always avoid inexpensive online solutions and, instead, consult your dentist for help. Dentists or a denture clinic they refer you to can offer a wide variety of denture solutions that will leave you feeling confident in your smile.